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This is one of the only high school works that remains on my website.  It's a study in Dali that I did my senior year of high school.  It's a parody at best of Geolipiticus Child Watching the Birth of New Man, in acrylics. I really like it though.

12/02 Liz or Someone Like You. This is a final project in my Life Drawing class. I actually got an "A" -- which was great.  It's a portrait of my sister, even though it doesn't look too much like her . . . I used vine charcoal and condensed charcoal and gesso on stonehenge paper.  I really love the shadows the play on her face and the sturdy lines in her right arm.  My favorite aspect of the drawing is how the white plays off of the figure and how the lines of her figure just kind of dissipate -- and yet it looks natural, not like I said "Well, that's the edge, I quit!"

    12/02 Bernard.  This is a painting in India Ink of one of my favorite models in the class.  He posed really well and didn't move.  In this pose actually he stayed an hour (think about it, perfectly still for an hour) and ended up falling asleep  . . . anyway, I really think I got his face accurately, especially at that angle and everything.  Every time I drew Bernard however, I always hovered around his neck and chest, it was weird.  There was a good chemistry there I guess. 

12/02 Bernard 2.  This was done with charcoal, and there is some gesso I added afterwards.  I just love the characterization of the neck and chest.

11/02. This is an untitled nude.  It's a wannabe contour that didn't quite make it.  I tried to contour, giving it the ol' honest try but then I got really fascinated with the shadows on her back and so I just went with it.  It's condensed charcoal and then gesso on the dark lines on her back.  The gesso in this picture actually paved the way for the gesso in my final, Liz's portrait.

11/02 This is another untitled nude, from actually the same model as above.  I was really bored with how this was turning out, I felt the pose wasn't working well on my paper and the shadows weren't adding dimension or anything really worth looking at.  The gesso really added a certain volume to the figure and helped finished it.  I liked, in the end, the gesso's effect on the figure. It made it more fun to look at, I think.