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the way it is

This page is basically random stuff that I couldn't really stick anywhere else on my site, yet I still wanted to be there . . . so, that's the way it is.

I'm really lazy and this is about the 4th time I have done this page (because Microsoft Frontpage is possessed and like Asheville Racket Club, is out to get me now that it has most of my money . . .) So you'll have to excuse my lack of enthusiasm that I usually have when presenting such exciting topics like U2, contradancing, and the really awesome website of the hour.  I'm also a really random person when it comes to being lazy and I'm just going to shut up now because I really don't have anymore to say. I wish I could just record grunts and whenever you get to the good stuff on the website I could get my grunts to sound off.

But again there's the "I'm doing this for the 4th time" laziness thing. And so there will be no grunting.  For your purposes, if you want, you may grunt at anytime while perusing this site.


Yup. Contradancing is like the elixir of happiness.  Very much fun. Except when weird sketchy men ask you to dance and then stare down your shirt.  That sucks.  Oh and then there's the sketchy men who can't take the hint and keep asking you until you finally give in and then you proceed to realize why you repeatedly said "No."

Honestly though, contradancing rocks! I'm a member of the Old Farmer's Ball contradancing league I love it so much.   Just look at the smiling faces of contradancing:

Even people on crack agree that contradancing is pretty fun . . . alright, I really don't know that --

 But I do think the mobsters of contradancing agree that 2 out of 3 people have more meaningful lives because of contradanci --

Alright, the laziness is wearing heavily on the humor.  We will now move on to U2 because they might just save this page from total catastrophe.  I mean, a purposeless page is like the devil's workshop or  . . . something . . .


Yes. U2. Totally awesome band, they rocks the socks off the  competition.  I could never really get into the teeny bopper movement etc. of like N' Sync (sorry Kim) or Britney Spears (sorry -- wait, is anyone actually a fan of her music?)  I guess I should include like a picture or two, some web addresses and like an mp3? I dunno.  Bono is an awesome guy, by the way.  He sees a beauty worth saving in the American culture.  For the most part, I don't see it, but, hey I'm jaded so, that doesn't really matter.  I'll probably grow up and go live in S. Ireland where musicians and artist's don't have to pay income tax.  Now that's freedom.

Below are the links to just a few of the organizations that U2 is involved in.


"You have to get your message across in different ways. A hardened terrorist is not going to put down his weapon because Bono says war is bad. I'm terrified that, if U2 make[s] another big statement about peace, war might break out just to knock me off my high horse!"  --Bono

Go to the official U2 Site I wish I had site building capabilities like that. Ding.

Monty Python

I think it shows a goodness of the soul to like Monty Python. Yes, all you Python haters out there are scummy, vile creatures that should probably join a fitness club with rackets in . . . well, we won't go into that here . . . Big nose.

Monty Python's Completely Useless Website

Monty Python's Complete Waste of Sound


Most awesome website(s) of the hour - I wish I could be a crab of ineffable wisdom . . .  - the people must act themselves -war is not the answer see the commercial. let the inspections work.