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breath and spirit



"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi

    I was born January 3, 1984.  I was born in South Carolina.  I lived there until 2nd grade, and then my mother, my sister and I moved to North Carolina -- to a little town called Fletcher.  Last summer we moved from Fletcher to Arden, a total of 10 minutes away.

    From the fruit of my labor in my public school education ( a farce I discuss in more detail in where i stand) I got substantial assistance from Warren Wilson College, the college I currently attend.  I plan on double majoring in Creative Writing and Art, although I feel my interests evolving -- so who knows what I may major in.

  Random Stuff:

Best book ever: I Heard the Owl Call My Name Margaret Craven, The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

Favorite artist: Salvador Dali, Leonardo DaVinci, John Williams Waterhouse (Picking a favorite painting is not an option so don't ask me to do it.)

Music?: U2 is my number one (for so many reasons)

Favorite movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, I watch Jesus Christ Superstar a lot so it must be of some note . . .

Movie with some totally awesome artistic cinematography: Titus with Anthony Hopkins, Les Pacts des Loups, Hamlet with Kenneth Braunagh

What I wanna be when (and if) I grow up: I would love to make stunning movies with heartbreaking and genius plot . . . I also want to write novels and young adult and children's fiction. Definitely want to do some art work that is just "Wow".  I dunno, I think maybe a goal in life is accessing and relating the beauty and passion I feel and see in the world to other people.  Some small way of changing, or affecting people in a deeper way that makes life more meaningful, more precious.

The Perfect Day:  I would wake up early, but I wouldn't mind, and I would watch the sun rise, and I would have like the best cup of Irish Breakfast tea made from loose leafs, and then me and some close friends and family would hang out all day at the place I live now, just around the pond (which would be magically crystal clear and full of dolphins) and we would swim with the dolphins and sing fun songs and eat vegetarian sushi that my sister made and we would be blissfully blissfully happy for ever and ever and ever.

What you would change about yourself:  Um, yeah, what I've always wanted to change about myself has been changed . . . so . . . does this mean I need to move onto another body part? I would try not to be so cynical, and bitter and jaded, I guess. I would also have smaller thighs but that seems so cliche and my thighs the way they are actually haven't made me miss out on life so there really isn't any reason to change them . . . maybe I put that in their for some kind of dark humor that only I find slightly amusing . . . hmm . . .

Favorite food: Vegetarian sushi

Alright this random information is getting old. How about some pictures?


Ah yes, I bet Ashley and Kim thought these pictures were lost. Hah. All I have to say is *zip drive*.   I think this was summer before our Junior year. Yeah, whoa dude. We were like 16 or 17. Isn't Kim cute? (Kim has the two in the middle) Go see her website.

Okay just one more and then we'll move on.


I don't actually pretend to understand why, strangely, Jonathon and I always have the same expression in pictures.

I mean look at this one:


I'm sure there's some scientific explanation for this . . . Dude, I bet this will become like some weird episode on the X-files


Well then there's Valerie and Christy . . . and there's Ashley and Valerie  . . . On the far right are all my girlfriends in attendance of my 19th birthday . . . party. Yeah. Except for Holly.


This is Liz. I should probably add that she is much hotter in real life. She seemed to say that a lot whenever I showed her the pictures I had up at the last rendition of this site. Anyway. Look (on the right) we're in jail! . . . Maybe it was funnier then . . .